Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Templar Publishing's Picture This exhibition.

I discovered the other day that Templar Publishing were showcasing various talent over at Salts Mill near Shipley, West Yorkshire. Not being a huge distance away from my area, I thought the hour or so drive would be a great way to clear my mind and regain a little equilibrium. With the prospect of also being steeped in art at the end, it sounded just what the doctor would order.

Salts Mill, as the name suggests, is located inside an old mill typical of the region. I thought the location would be a bit greener. Described on their web site to be ‘semi-rural’ I’d say that’s stretching things a bit. Any notion of an easy journey was gone as I descended into traffic hell that made my local rush hour look like a Sunday drive in tranquil countryside. The mill itself is impressive.


Once through the main entrance I was surprised by how huge the interior was. There was piped music too. Not the irritating type found in lifts. Something that was fitting and at a level that actually added decent ambience. Certainly a good place to work and I actually envied the various attendants. The ground floor was taken up by a local artist, which was a pleasant experience but I was there for Templar’s exhibit!

The second floor was just as enormous as the first, with equally pleasant ambient music and a bookstore. I soon found what I was looking for tucked away in a corner. A wall of talent!

It was very well done and the actual prints were great quality. Fortunately, being mid week, only a handful of people lingered close by at any given moment. I had the area to myself for a while to soak up all the arty goodness.

A good selection of Templar’s books were scattered around, including a side by side offering of Dragonology and Dinosaurology. It’s taken for granted that production values are high with their books but these are things of tactile beauty. Each are chock full with pully-outy bits and stuffed to busting with flippy-flappy bobs.

The area given to illustrated children’s books, from pre-school to young adult, was a treasure trove of bookish discovery. In fact, the entire floor was amazing. It just goes to show what a book shop should really be about.

It was an inspiring afternoon. I thoroughly recommend having a peek if you’re in the area.

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