Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Page, the Oracle's Lair.

Page, the Oracle's Lair is taken from a range of four themed illustrations. It shows the interactions of two characters in an imaginary world. Here, the characters have unwittingly stumbled onto the Page, an area within Dreamie Land that's the lair to an all knowing entity called The Oracle. The Oracle protects his domain of knowledge by using his fearsome guise. These illustrations are based upon a hypothetical story whilst showcasing illustration style and technique that can be adapted to many uses.

During the inking of the illustration. The notebook is there for sketching out ideas should they pop into my head at inappropriate times!

Original A3 hand inked illustration ready to be scanned into the pc for digital work.

The original scan of the hand inked illustration. The character's faces were added digitally to aid continuity. A lot of little tweaks here and there were made. These were such things as altering proportions, duplicating details, adding effects and more.

Detail showing digital work on the magically enlarged magnifying glass. Note the shine.

Detail to show depth of field effect to the distant toys. This helps create the illusion of space within the image.

Another detail to show the depth of field effect. The toys nearer to the viewer look in focus and stand out against those further away.

A detail to show a toy element. The jack-in-a-box is just one of many toys scattered amongst the books that belong to the character 'The Oracle'.

A close up look at the hand inking. The forearm here was stretched digitally to alter the proportions. Little tweaks can be done quickly once the image has become a digital file. The aged paper on the spell book has also been created digitally.

The full hand inked illustration complete with all digital effects. A larger image can be seen over on my web site, together with others in the series. Check out it over here.

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